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 Guild Ranks (NEW!)

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PostSubject: Guild Ranks (NEW!)   Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:18 am

Seeing as we made some changes in ranking system, such as Seraphim the "Honorary Guild Member" rank, along with some other changes. Figured we would get everything up to date so as there is no confusion Very Happy

Firstly would like to make it noted that we still do have the "22 day rule". For those of you new and not know what this is, it is basically our inactivity rule. If your toon reaches 22 days of inactivity, you will be booted unless you gave a capt/co-gm/guild leader a heads up that you will be gone longer and asked for a DNR(Do Not Remove). Yes, we do realize we have a "DNR List" on the forums, and no that is not the same thing. lol. That is our "Do Not Reinvite List".We will be coming up with a new code for one of the two :p. Usually we will try sending a member a in-game mail if they were booted for inactivity, but plz keep in mind that we cant always do it for EVERYONE, but we try. Also remember that alt-toons do NOT get a DNR. It is your responsibility to check alts before the 22 day limit, but keep in mind if they were kicked for inactivity that you are free to bring them back.

Now for the ranks:

Girigori ~ this is the rank that all newbies are given.

Cherubim ~ this rank is given after a minimum probationary time periodof 24 hours, up to 5 days.

Illuminations ~ Level Requirement 35 - 49. Must be signed up to guild forums. Must have participated in guild, such as Running in groups with guildies, running lower toons through lower instances, and gathering items for donation to guild vault

Virtues ~ Level Requirement 50 - 69 Must have posted into forums, Deposited in Guild bank, help set up insatnce runs, and has participated in guild events.

Powers ~ Level Requirement 70 - 80. This is also for our Raid Runners. We would like for our Raiders to check the forums every week for updates.Also it is preferred that our raiders and higher lvls have Ventrilo, easier communication in instances/raids.(If you need Ventrilo information it is posted here on the forms, or someone in guild may have the information for you)

Seraphim ~ This is our Honorary Guild Members. These members have been part of the guild for a very long time and have a Lifetime DNR(Do Not Remove)

Principalities ~ This is our Guild Lieutenants postition where guild captains have chosen assistants, as well as toons that are in charge of smaller / lower level officer responsibilities for the guild

Celestrials ~ Guild Captains rank. This should speak for itself. They can help a guildie out with whatever needs within reason as well as helping with raids and keeping a general eye on things in guild.

Arch Angel ~ There are only 2 captains in this rank. One is an Disiplinary Captain and the other being the "Customer Service" Captain. They are also a filter for problems and ideas that need to be kicked up to Guild Master

Meta Tron ~ Is Guild Master No More Needs To Be Added to this. Other than all decisions he makes are final.


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Guild Ranks (NEW!)
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