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 Raiding Inside the GoP

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PostSubject: Raiding Inside the GoP   Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:38 pm

As some of our guildies know, we are gonna toss our hat into the ring of raiding once again. BUT, we will NOT be a hardcore raiding guild. We're are wanting to put together a core 10man group to 1st off start doing the weekly raids, then when our Guild Leader and Raid Leader determines we are ready, we shall try at ICC10.

At the moment we have confirmed as of July 1st: 6 Members. The list currently stands as thus(please keep in mind this list may change):







Please remember that your toons must be properly enchanted and gemmed as well. when the time comes for raids to begin if your toon is not up to our standards for the raids, you will be asked to either sit out until said toon is properly equipped or asked to switch to another toon.
Since we are starting up raiding yet again, we will be doing some alterations to the Forums. So keep a look out for changes, we will be posting new developments.

This post will be edited(By myself or Andropov) as more raiders are added, since we do need to recruit as well as confirm other members.


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Raiding Inside the GoP
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