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 Guild Vault

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PostSubject: Guild Vault   Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:11 pm

Basic Rules

1.The bank vault is kept up, organized, & cleaned out at minimum of once per month - usually more often - and all tabs can be viewed in game at any major city bank.

2.All bank requests should be posted in this thread for items that you can not remove yourself. Multiple officers have access to the GoP bank and will reply on this thread when an item request has been made.

3.The bank is for the greater good of the guild. Your request may be denied and an explanation will be made of course.

4.You should be of the appropriate level and class to be granted an item, or in the case of materials - you must be of the correct occupation/profession.

5.Donated items sent to GoP bank may be Disenchanted if they are sitting too long without a request. Materials may be Auctioned if space is needed, etc. Any money and reagents will be kept for the guild's use and redeposited into the guild bank.

6.Materials deposited in the guild bank should be in a stack. Please do not deposit one reagent unless it is incredibly rare or valuable - i.e. a Primordial Saronite or Epic Gem, Pattern, or BoE item. Please also deposit your donated items on the same tab near or with other items that are similar. For example, Cloth near other cloth stacks. Potions near other potions.

Submitting a request:

1.Check the guild bank.

2.If you see the item you want, hover your mouse over the item. Make a note of the specific name of the item please and on which tab, row, & column the item is located on.

3.Post in this thread with the following information:

◦The item you want (and quantity, etc)
◦Which tab, row, & column the item is located on
◦The character in game that should receive it
4.Your request will be granted or denied. In either case whoever deals with the request will post a reply in this thread.


If a BoE drops in a raid and no member of the raid can currently use it (including back-up), it will be up to the raid leader's discretion to allow raid members to roll for alt toons or to put directly in the bank. If the item is deposited into the bank, the raid BoE item will be placed on the last tab of the guild bank. Any member seeking to obtain any BoE Epic that is of the same item level tier as current endgame content and of significant value, the member must post an official request for the item on this thread/forum.
For example: We want to ensure that the item will be put to the best use and not be given to a fresh level 80, a rarely played alt, or for a toons occasionally played dual or "off-spec".


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Guild Vault
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