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 The ArchAngel of Death

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PostSubject: The ArchAngel of Death   Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:19 pm

Howdy all

My name is Jenny, you all my know me as Metīs the lvl 50 Mage. But for our veteran members, I originally joined on my shammy about 2 years ago(maybe longer), Dracogurl. Then eventually came in on my warlock, Angčl (at the time Atropōs).

As I said I've been a proud member of the GoP for 2 or so years, and now currently one of the "ArchAngel's". Which is a co-Guild Leader. Basically there to help the guild leader when and where-ever possible. I was here back when the guild was more night time oriented, and had a core group of AWESOME players. Don't get me wrong, there are awesome guildies now, but it sucks to know we lost alot of good old time friends. Back in the day when we would all stay out questing and BSing til the wee hours of the morning. Back when our original GL Diablosfury actually played often Wink and ppl w/ the name of "Josh" weren't idiots and druids weren't so big headed. And back when we had a roster of 300+ members. We may be small now, but in the end numbers don't matter, it's the ppl there that do.

I currently only have my mage in GoP. My shammy and lock are in OI (Order of Illuminatus). I do have 4 total 80's all together, counting those 2 I also have a DK and Hunter. Im in the works of lvling a priest and possibly gonna work on lvling a warrior, since I have played every class except a warrior and a paladin. So, my preferred game style is lvling Smile I don't know what it is, but lvling toons has always been rly fun for me. If I had more then 10 character slots to work w/ I would probably make dublicate classes only cuz they we're hella fun to lvl (like my warlock, loved lvling w/ her). But I also love raiding Very Happy

I don't have much to do, free time wise outside of WoW. Which is why I spend alot of time in game. But when I do need a break from the raiding, lvling, and down right imaturity that is Trade Chat.... I love to read. Preferably fantasy books. I will admit I have all the World of Warcraft novels, I haven't gone to Magnas. I do enjoy reading the lore of the game that I love playing so much. Makes it more interesting knowing the background of some of the questlines Im doing, or the area's Im in. Going out looking for those markers that I read about in the books, and trying to find them in game (like the statue of Anduin Lothar).... I also love to draw and create websites. Someday I hope to go back to college to continue my learning of webpage designing, just won't take on as much of a heavy load like I did my first time lol. I also love twidling w/ computer graphic images, I've done a quite a bit of those.

I'm 22 years old. Will be 23, Oct 22. I currently live in SoCal, living w/ my Boyfriend (u all may know him as Andropov). I've been living here for a lil over a year now. The way it came that I stay here is an interesting tale, that I will save for another time. I was born and raised in Casper, WY.

Ok... I think that is all.
Happy WoW-ing! cheers


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The ArchAngel of Death
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