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 Guild Charter

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PostSubject: Guild Charter   Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:58 am

The Guardians of Purgatory has been around since 2006. In that time we have seen many members pass through, some have become fixtures over time. We have aspired for guardians to be a place where a player can come and enjoy the game without any expectations. A place where you can log in and enjoy the time played as well as have some friendly guildies to talk with and ask for help and information from time to time. A place where you could log in and never say a word but still be considered a major fixture in the guild. A casual place where Captains do not scream at you and people can have fun but not deal with some of the trade troll crap we see go around. This is what we want to continue to offer. And we also want to expand so we can have our guildies enjoy every aspect of the game including Raiding.

So to any that has had a chance to read this, welcome to this Guild, enjoy your time here, make friends, help us as a guild grow and the guild will do what it can do for you in your endeavors of this game, whatever that may be. And this is what we as a minimum expect.

1.) Be courtious to fellow guild members

2.) Do not expect hand outs, help the guild and the guild will help you

3.) No Begging

4.) Respect Officers

5.) Do not abuse use of the Guild Vault, it is a give and take system

6.) Do not let another guildie disrespect you, inform a captain immiediately so the problem can be resolved

7.) Enjoy your time in guild just do not spam guild chat

8.) The Guild Leader's decisions are final
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Guild Charter
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