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 Some More Changes to The Guild Vault

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PostSubject: Some More Changes to The Guild Vault   Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:44 am

Ok I just wanted to let you all know I restricted access to the 6th tab. Only Guild Master and Arch Angel rank Captains can pull from this tab currently. This is in line with moving to a tab that can only be pulled through requests on this forums. I went ahead and moved forward currently because of some of the high expense items that are in the tab, Primordials and such.

In line with that I will be changing over Tab 5 to become the Captains tab where we will have captain restricted access and have items avaliable that are used on a more daily basis. I will be keeping overflow of some of these items in tab 6.

Tab 1 will remain the catch all for anything and everything.

Tab 2 will be a step us from Tab 1 with the same kinda idea but access for higher ranked guilies

Tab 3 will be our BC and Old World Ore tab. Gems, Ores, and stones will be kept here

Tab 4 will be the Northrend Tab, items that are primarily from northrend will be here (ie. saronite, cobalt Borean Leather etc etc)

The shift in access to the 6th tab is so we can keep a tight grip on items to help guildies gear there toons as long as we have seen them help the guild out also, in raiding guild, vault donations, and helping other guildies.
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Some More Changes to The Guild Vault
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