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 Points of Interest: Lord Marrowgar(Lower Spire)

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PostSubject: Points of Interest: Lord Marrowgar(Lower Spire)   Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:42 pm

I wanted to start some posts for the boss fights in Icecrown Citadel to help our newest raiders. Even tho Dathian does a great job of explaining, it is good to study fights in advance Smile Also note, anything in these posts that are light blue and bold are links for spells/abilities in case you want to read up further on what they do.

To start off all these fights will be from a DPS point of view since I have never Tanked/Healed any of them. So tanks and healers if there is a key element to a certain fight, your more then welcome to post it. Just make sure you post under the right Boss Fight.

Lord Marrowgar is a fairly simple fight, as long as you stand in the right spots and don't run out of range of your healers.

You'll notice Lord Marrowgar is floating in the center of a room, that half is covered in ice. Before you go into the fight you should probably make a macro:
/target bone
or I've seen more elabroate macros that allow a spell casting as well:
/target bone
/cast [put spell name here]

These macros help you in the fight when Lord Marrowgar casts his Bone Spike Graveyard.

When you click on the boss before the fight is started you will notice that he has a rather large hit box. All DPS and Healers need to stand inside this hit box right behind Lord Marrowgar. This is to prevent DPSers/healers from getting hit by the flames that he releases throughout the fight. DPS and Heals, make sure you do NOT stand in front of Lord Marrowgar, for he has a nasty cleave that will more then likely kill you. It's easier if all heals and DPS stack on top of one another, instead of standing all around the back perimeter. This makes it easier for DPS to kill the Bone Spikes when they impale people. This will be explained soon.

Now, here comes why you made the macro before the fight:
Periodically through the fight Marrowgar will choose one person in the raid and cast his Bone Spike Graveyard. This impales a raid member and it's up to the DPS to kill the Spike as quickly as possible. (In 25man Marrowgar impales 3 people.)

After about the 3rd Bone Spike Graveyard, Marrowgar releases his next ability which he will Announce with "BONE STORM!". This ability is called Bone Storm, if you didn't already get the message from Marrowgar when he yelled it. Key points to remember in this part:
1. Do NOT stand in the blue flames. I know their pretty, and they don't give you an immortal buff. Stand too long in the blue flames and it will kill you, don't rely on the healers to heal you through it.
2. Don't run around the room like a chicken with it's head cut off. Why? Cause you don't want to get out of range of your healers. The only times you should have to move is if your standing in the blue flames, or your the one Marrowgar charged.

Just like when Marrowgar was sitting still, when he unlesses Bone Storm he continues to spread his blue flames. Unfortunately while he's doing Bone Storm you can't stay under him to avoid them. He will charge 4 people at random, this doesn't do alot of damage. It's his whirlwind he's doing that does. The closer you are to Marrowgar, the more damage you take from his whirlwind, but everyone is hit. If you are the one charged, or happed to be around the person that was make sure to move out from under him ASAP. Cause once he stops he'll sprout 4 lines of blue flame right under him and you'll be taking more damage from his whirlwind.

After he's finished with his Bone Storm the tanks will have to pick him back up again and position him. All DPS and healers need to get back behind Marrowgar. Then rinse and repeat Smile


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Points of Interest: Lord Marrowgar(Lower Spire)
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