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 Points of Interest: Lady Deathwhisper(Lower Spire)

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PostSubject: Points of Interest: Lady Deathwhisper(Lower Spire)   Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:16 pm

The lich Lady Deathwhisper is the Supreme Overseer of the Cult of the Damned and the second boss of the Icecrown Citadel raid. The fight is mostly a DPS race,but also requires high awareness from all raid members.

Lady Deathwhisper will get quite annoying rather quickly, since she NEVER SHUTS UP!.

Lady Deathwhisper can't currently be killed, instead she is surrounded by a Mana Barrier that needs to be destroyed first. It's preferable that a ranged DPS stay on the barrier through out the fight. Why? So the shield goes down quicker and the rest of the raid spends less time running back and forth killing the mobs she spawns. I have found Affliction Warlocks are good for this role, since they rely on DoT's for their damage instead of having a real burst damage that Destruction and Demonology have or anything other DPS for that matter. And if there are mobs still up its easier for the ranged that is currently on the barrier to switch to the mob, help kill it, then immediately switch back.

About 5 Seconds after the fight is started Deathwhisper will summon Fanatics and Adherents on the left side of the room. Fanatics can only be killed by Ranged Caster DPS and Adherents can only be killed by Weapon Melee DPS. The reason for this? Fanatics have a buff called Fanatic's Determination that makes the Fanatic nearly impervious to physical damage. 99% reduction. And Adherent's have a debuffed called Adherent's Determination that makes the Adherent nearly impervious to magical damage. 99% reduction. These mobs need to be taken down quickly so you can get back to the boss and take down the Mana Barrier. You'll sometimes find that either an Adherent or Fanatic will cast Dark Martyrdom, The caster surrenders to dark energies, exploding to deal 12000 Shadowstorm damage to all enemies within 15 yards, and leaving only skeletal remains behind, thus becoming reanimated after a few seconds of death. 4 sec cast. Cast randomly. If this happens the add will revive as a skeleton and must be killed. After all adds are killed DPS needs to switch to the boss to help take down the Mana Barrier.(On 25man mode Adherents and Fanatics appear on both sides of the room at once, so the DPS needs to be split up onto either side of the room to kill the adds. As well as an add that will appear in the back of the room.) Every 60 seconds new adds will spawn on the opposite side of the room that you were just on, repeat the method until the Mana Barrier is destroyed.

Through out the first and second phases of this boss, Deathwhisper will place Death and Decay on the floor. Just like a Deathknights Death and Decay, this will do damage to anyone within it. So it's best not to sit there too long.(In 25man mode a random raid member will get Mind Controlled by Deathwhisper using her Dominate Mind. Do NOT kill the Mind Controlled member, have either a Hunter Freeze Trap, Mage Sheep or a Shaman Hex)

Once you've destroyed the Mana Barrier around Deathwhisper, your now in Phase two. Which is a basic tank and spank. No more adds will spawn, but you will have to still keep an eye out on the Death and Decay, and 2 new elements. Now your able to start actually killing Deathwhisper(Yay! shut her up!). She will now start casting Frostbolt Volley which inflicts 10800 to 13200 Frost damage to nearby enemies, reducing their movement speed for 4 sec. If you have any kind of silencers such as: Rogue Kick, Hunter Silencing Shot, Shaman Wind Shear, ect; use these abilities to silence her Frostbolt Volley. Instead of the adds that she originally spawned, you'll now have to deal with Vengeful Shades that cast Vengeful Blast. The Vengeful Shades cannot be killed, if you have Deadly Boss Mods (which everyone SHOULD have) it will tell you when you are being attacked by one. Run away from these ghosts to prevent damage to yourself aswell as everyone around you.


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Points of Interest: Lady Deathwhisper(Lower Spire)
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