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 Points of Interest: Gunship Battle(LowerSpire)

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PostSubject: Points of Interest: Gunship Battle(LowerSpire)   Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:17 pm

The Gunship Battle is an aerial battle between the gunships Skybreaker and Orgrim's Hammer around the spire of Icecrown Citadel. The encounter has some fun elements, and most guilds and PuGs manage it easily, therefore it is often referred to as the "Lootship Battle".

Now onto the fun fight! You now find yourself on the Skybreaker with Muradin Bronzebeard and his crew. You'll notice on the edge of the ship there are 2 cannons(4 in 25man mode). It is preferable that Ranged be put into the cannons. Why? Cause when the cannons are frozen the ranged can shoot at the Axe Throwers on the other ship your fighting, and they spend more time in the cannon where as a melee still has to hop back and forth from the other ship.While the melee will be occupied killing the adds that are spawning on our boat while they wait for the Battle Mage to come out. All melee and 1 tank and healer need to go talk to the goblin next to Muradin to require your jetpacks to hop to the other boat. 1 Tank needs to stay on the Skybreaker to tank the adds that are spawning on our boat, along with 1 healer.

Time to comense the fight! Talk to Muradin and he will set sail around the Spire to get you closer to the Lich King! But your not quite there yet. Out of nowhere! Oh NO! There's the Horde ship Orgrim's Hammer! Now it's a fight to see who shall face the Lich King. Shall it be Muradin and his Alliance Soldiers to bring justice on the once Prince of Lordaeron for his crimes? Or High Overlord Varok Saurfang and his Horde to get revenge for the murder of his son at The Wrathgate?

Cannoneers, your job is fairly simple. You have a total of 2 attacks now. 1 is Cannon Blast which launches a cannonball at the target. Inflicts 1000 Siege damage and generates 6 to 10 Heat. As indicated your generating heat, make sure you watch this heat bar. Make sure it DOESN'T reach 100%! At about 90% you use the 2nd ability, Incinerating Blast which consumes all of the cannon's Heat to launch a massive ball of fire at the target. Inflicts 1000 Siege damage plus additional damage per point of Heat. This is where the majority of your damage to Orgrim's Hammer comes from. Your main target cannoneers, is to hit the Goblin Rocketeers on the back of their ship.

Now, I know you stuck on Skybreaker are probably thinking you have nothing to do. Wrong! Ranged your job is to DPS the Axe Throwers on the edge of their boat, which are hurling Axe's at our ship causing damage to us. Melee, your job is to kill the adds that are being spawned on our boat, this is why we have a tank and healer for the boat Smile. Now, the people on Skybreaker you also need to keep an eye out for a White Glowing Pattern on the deck of the boat, this is Burning Pitch the Horde ship throws gobs of burning pitch that sets the target area aflame, inflicting 17250 Siege damage and an additional 7500 Fire damage over 3 sec. Do NOT stand in this area, move quickly out of it.

Once the fight begins and the cannoneers start firing apon Orgrim's Hammer, in about 45 seconds The Highlord will send out a Battle Mage on their ship and they begin casting Below Zero which ends up freezing the 2 cannons on our ship. Now, it's up to the melee to use their Rocket Packs and jump onto Orgrim's Hammer to kill the Battle Mage. While the Melee is taking care of the Battle mage, the tank that was designated for the jump across needs to keep the Overlord occupied and the heal needs to keep him up. Melee, don't take too long to take the Battle Mage down. Cause while the tank is occupying the Overlord he is getting a stacking debuff Battle Fury which increases all damage done by 5%. Instant. 20 sec duration (+7% in 25-player mode).

Once the Battle Mage is down, melee, tank and healer jump back over to Skybreaker. Cannoneers, back into your cannons and continue firing apon the Golbin Rocketeers.

Rinse and Repeat til Orgrim's Hammer falls from the sky


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Points of Interest: Gunship Battle(LowerSpire)
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