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 Points of Interest: Valithria Dreamwalker(Upper Spire-Frostwing Halls)

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PostSubject: Points of Interest: Valithria Dreamwalker(Upper Spire-Frostwing Halls)   Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:12 am

After downing Saurfang, you now find yourself in Upper Spire. A circular room with 3 hallways, 2 Val'kyr fly around the center plaform. From this point you can choose any 1 of the 3 hallways to go to, One is The Plagueworks- which house Rotface, Festergut and their creator Professor Putricide. The second hall is The Crimson Hall- which house The Blood Prince Council(Valanar, Keleseth and Taldaram) and their dark mistress The Blood Queen Lana'thel. The third hall is The Frostwing Halls- which house Valithria Dreamwalker and Sindragosa. I've found most groups choose to go to Dreamwalker, so we'll start there.

There is one slight difference to this fight, then any other fight you've encountered... Your going to heal Dreamwalker to death Wink

Valithria Dreamwalker, a captured green dragon, is the first boss of the Frostwing Halls wing of the Icecrown Citadel raid. The fight ends when the raid has succeeded in healing Valithria up to 100%, while adds spawn in decreasing intervals. The fight is a chaotic battle for survival. The loss of a tank or a healer could easily result in a wipe.

After going through a fight up the stairs to Dreamwalker, you find yourself in a large circular room with a HUGE green dragon in the center being held captive with a barrier around her to keep her from moving. 2 Risen Archmage(4 in 25man mode) are keeping watch on the barrier and her. Dreamwalker starts at 50% health and the objective is to heal her completely up, so healers if you felt a bit bored this is your time to shine. A good portion of the healers are going to be focusing on Dreamwalker to entire fight, trying to heal her as quick as possible. While usually 1(maybe 2, all depending on how comfortable you feel with just 1) healer keeps tabs on the raid, and the rest of the healers are on Dreamwalker. If any of your DPS has a healing offspec, you may want to have some of them switch to that spec, but if you already have 2-3 healers on Dreamwalker then your DPS can stay as they are. Ranged, it's good for you to stand in the middle of the room in front of Dreamwalker so you can help on both side of the room when adds spawn. Melee, you raid lead will give you a designated side to stay on.

Since only the closest two gates spawn adds, the back half of the room can be ignored (except when dream portals are opened). One or two damage dealers should be assigned to deal with Suppressors. Suppressors can spawn from either side or both at once and only have about 35,000 or so health. The tanks should stand in the middle between the two gates to handle any Archmage or Abomination that comes out. Valithria's healers should set up near her, but close enough so that the tanks can still see them in the event that something needs to be pulled off of them.

The kill order for adds:
  1. Blazing Skeleton- Blazing Skeletons are primary adds that need to be taken down quickly and before any other add when they spawn. Blazing Skeletons have a nasty ability called Lay Waste which surrounds the caster in flames for 12 sec, pulsing 3770 to 4230 Fire damage to all enemies every 2 sec. This ability not only hits the raid members, but also hits Dreamwalker. He usually begins to perform Lay Waste once a melee DPS hits him, so melee let him run a little further into the room before you attack him.

  2. Suppressors- Suppressors have no aggro table. Once they run through the gates they immediately run for Dreamwalker and put a debuff on her called Suppression which reduces healing received by the target by 10%. Lasts until cancelled. Suppressors need to be killed quickly so healers can heal to the their full ability. If 10 Suppressors are left up Dreamwalker recieves no healing.

  3. Risen Archmage- Risen Archmagi are Lich's with 3 different abilities. 1st is Column of Frost which marks the location under a random player target. After 2 seconds a column of frost erupts from this location, dealing 11310 to 12690 Frost damage to all enemies within 3 yards, knocking them into the air. If your standing in this(looks like a white circle on the floor) you need to get out of it quickly. This is completely avoidable damage, and it keeps the healers from stressing themselves healing Dreamwalker and you when you fall to the floor. 2nd ability is Mana Void which summons a Mana Void at a random enemies location. This Mana Void burns 800 mana per second to all enemies within a 6 yard radius. Again, if you find yourself standing in this(looks like a purple circle on the floor) move out of it quickly. 3rd ability is Frostbolt Volley which inflicts 8550 to 10450 Frost damage to nearby enemies, reducing their movement speed for 4 sec. 1.5 sec cast. Just like Deathwhisper's Frostbolt Volley, this should be silenced by anyone that can. Since not only does it hit people in the raid, but also deals damage to Dreamwalker. If you have a Warlock in the group they can use their Curse of Tongues to reduce the casting time.

  4. Blistering Zombie- Blistering Zombies are a fairly easy mob to deal with. Ranged should focus on this mob, since they have an ability called Acid Burst which the caster explodes, dealing 9425 to 10575 Nature damage instantly and 750 Nature damage per second to all enemies within 15 yards. So this is rather nasty for any melee that may be around him when he explodes.

  5. Gluttonous Abomination- Another fairly easy mob. Only thing you have to watch for is Rot Worms. These are very nasty lil worms that come out of the Abom's stomach when he dies. Tanks need to make sure to get aggro on these worms before they start running a muck. These are a clothies worst nightmare, since they can usually 1 shot any clothie. Once the tank has agrro, they need AoE'ed down.

Now then, throughout the fight Dreamwalker will spawn Nightmare Portals which Summons a Nightmare Portal to allow players access to the Dreamstate, where Dream Clouds spawn. Healers that are focusing on healing Dreamwalker, you need to go into these portals and pop the Dream Clouds inside. Popping the Dream Clouds gives you a buff called Emerald Vigor which causes regenerating 200 Mana every 3 sec. Increases Damage done by 10%. Increases Healing done by 10%. Stacks to 100. Every 30seconds Dreamwalker will spawn these Portals. Healers need to take them everytime they appear to get a great healing buff to make healing Dreamwalker faster. On a side note, we found that paladin healers are good for this fight since they make great single target healers and are able to use Beacon of Light on Dreamwalker.

When Dreamwalker reaches 100% health she casts Dreamwalker's Rage which deals 10,000,000 Nature damage to all surrounding enemies. Wow... don't we all wish we could hit everything with a 10million crit???


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Points of Interest: Valithria Dreamwalker(Upper Spire-Frostwing Halls)
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