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 Am thinking of something and want opinions

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PostSubject: Am thinking of something and want opinions   Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:24 am

I have always struggled with a uniform manner for ranks and promotions. To gain new ranks we have a decent setup i think. You start out at grigori and 48 hrs to 5 days you gain Cheribum, time served as I see it. I am ok with out top ranks, Seraphim on up for lt's and captains. My idea is to base the ranks more on guild participation using the guild vault for people that do not run with groups and yeah can ya see that I am still brainstorming this. Ok what I like with our guild rank promotions now, 1...waiting when you're and fng,2...the lvl requirments that are on now,3...signing up to forums. The main thing I have a problem with is the vagueness of Guild Participation. When we were running raids that was a good place to gauge with but bad at the same time cause raiding isnt for everyone. I see some peeps halp with others alot and some not, which is fine on both sides but thats a hard one to use as a guage too. So where I am leaning for some of the middle ranks is using the vault as a gauge for participation. Not only would you gain rank for donating and what not but you would be able to pull more also. Hmm like I said, ideas...pros cons...tell me what ya think...if ya have a suggestion completely different tell me. Am just brainstorming atm

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Am thinking of something and want opinions
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