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PostSubject: Jaelynno    Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:36 am

My name is Julisa. Most call me Jae. (thus, Jaelynno, as my middle name is Lynn) I am 20, I live in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. A tiny town called Francisco. When I'm not playing WoW, I am either working at WalMart, reading, or cooking/baking something for all my friends to eat. I listen to almost every kind of music (excluding country), but my favorite is melodic metal. I have one beautiful child whose name is Sucellos; he's a chinchilla. Smile I came to Draka because my best friend played on this server, even though everyone else I know plays on Earthen Ring. I started out in GoP with a Nelf Holy Priest... That got faction and server changed as a surprise Christmas gift. I was pissed, because I had finally found a guild I liked. So, I made a new toon with the same name on Draka again. This one is a Worgen Druid, that is most likely going to be Resto/Balance. I like healing, and I'm good at it. I'm pretty anti-violence. I believe in equal rights for everyone. Even if it's not something I would do personally, the choice should still be there. If you wanna know anything else, ask me in game or add me on facebook.
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