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 Pro's and Con's of Cataclysm

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PostSubject: Pro's and Con's of Cataclysm   Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:20 am

So, I just dinged lvl 85 on my warlock(yippy?), and I was going over some of the pro's and con's I came across. And it seemed to me, the Con's out weighed the Pro's. So here it goes:

  • Pro's

  • New water graphics(very cool looking)

  • Mount Hyjal quests(even btr if you know the lore behind it all)

  • Hero's Board(So I actually know where I can friggin quest w/ all the new zone changes)

  • All the movie references for NPC's, Achievements, ect(Especially got a kick out of the Achievement "The One Rule of the Ring of Blood, You Don't Talk About the Ring of Blood")

  • The text cut scenes are pretty nifty

Thats all I got thus far(havent been to Uldum and haven't finished the Twilight Highlands).

  • Con's

  • Quests not giving you hardly any detail on where to go for a mob!(Yea, great. The map kinda gives you a general location... but I've found that general location isn't very accurate)

  • So many bugged quests!

  • Respawn rate on mobs is F*ckin ridiculous! Give a person a change to friggin loot for christ's sake! And they never stop comming so unless your a hunter, Night Elf, Rogue or feral druid your in combat w/ the same friggin mob for 10min and almost dead by the time you get far enough away that their no longer attacking you. Or you have died already

  • Having to explore entances to dungeons before you can actually do them... WTF? rly? and the only way to explore a dungeon is if you do all the damn quests in that area to get the very last quest that tells you to go into the dungeon and talk to John Bob

  • Getting to lvl 85 and not being able to do dungeons cuz you need to explore them first(this is the boat Iam currently in. So I have to go finish Twilight Highlands and Uldum before I can do the dungeons to do dailies to get JP, which is something I was wanting to start BEFORE I dinged 85 to have some kind of JP to spend when I got to 85. Since I wasn't like most ppl who ran WotLK heroics before Cata, cuz I felt getting only 23JP for a daily heroic was crap, I would just wait til Cata when I would be able to get more. Yea, saw how well that turned out)

  • Drop rate for Embersilk is terrible. Get 1-2 pieces every 150 kills. How the hell does a person lvl tailoring w/ that kind of drop rate?!

  • When disenchanting junk, you hardly ever get Hypnotic Dust. But you get Celestial Essence out the ying-yang.

  • Vajsh'ir...'nough said(just a personal opinion)

  • Pay ANOTHER 5k Gold for Master Riding? So, by the time your done you have spend 10k.8k if you are exalted w/ stormwind.

  • Allowed flying in all cities... talk about lag hell

Ok, rant done... for now


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PostSubject: Re: Pro's and Con's of Cataclysm   Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:31 am

going with the cons here

But yeah the bugged quests are really starting to bug me and i'm not even to lvl 83.
Spawn rate on mobs totally omg! I'm getting my ass handed to me a lot. you kill it and before its even dead the next one spawns. I understand yeah that is what you needed the first two days but now when there are fewer people in the area turn it down. Had to switch over to a dps spec with my priest just to be able to kill stuff.

really loving in sea horse mount we all get, but i can't really tell if it goes any faster then my sea turtle mount and there are some places that the sea horse wont go that my turtle can.

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Pro's and Con's of Cataclysm
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