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 World of Warcraft: The Series

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PostSubject: World of Warcraft: The Series   Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:59 am

So, I got to thinking about making a list of all the novels for WoW and decided since I may not be the only one to enjoy reading them, make a post of all the novels and in the order they should be read Smile . I will not be posting magnas.

  • Warcraft Archive: War of the Ancients

*This book actually consists of 3, so you can either get these all together in the Archive or seperately*
-The Well of Eternity
-The Demon Soul
-The Sundering

  • Rise of the Horde

  • The Last Guardian

  • Tides of Darkness

  • Beyond the Dark Portal

  • Day of the Dragon

  • Lord of the Clans

  • Of Blood and Honor

  • Night of the Dragon

  • Cycle of Hatred

  • Arthas

  • Stormrage

  • The Shattering

I had chose to read Arthas closer to the end, but since the book initially starts w/ him as a child, you can slip it in after Tides of Darkness. Smile


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World of Warcraft: The Series
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